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Moving Treatments to Clinical Trials

Since 2012, Usher 2020 has funded millions of dollars to multiple researchers developing a variety of therapies, and we are now faced with the daunting task of moving these treatments to clinical trials. Several years ago, as we attempted to move our first prospective treatments to trials, we determined the current model to do that was not going to work for a rare disease. So Usher 2020 collaborated with Massachusetts Eye and Ear (MEEI) to create Odylia Therapeutics, a non-profit biotech dedicated to moving rare retinal disease therapies to clinical trials for patients.

Dollars Needed to Achieve Our Goal

Give It Up 4 Sight

Between now and December 2020, Usher 2020 is working to raise $3 million to move up to 4 therapies into clinical trials. These include therapies for general Retinitis Pigmentosa, gene-specific Usher Syndrome, mutation-specific Usher Syndrome and another Inherited Retinal Disease.

In order to do that, we need your help! We are asking you to give up something that might not be good for you, so that we can do something good for those going blind.

Give up fast food once a month, designer coffee once a week, a cigarette once a day, or a short Uber ride once in awhile, and with the money you save, donate to Usher time, monthly, or annually.

Then, post your story to social media, tag us on Instagram or Twitter @usher_2020 or Facebook @usher2020foundation, and challenge others to do the same.

Give It Up 4 Sight

100% of all donations received will go to research and clinical trials thanks to a generous sponsor who will pay all of our business expenses through December 2020.


    We are asking you to give up something small,
so that we can do something big!

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Step #1:
You can make a donation online or send your check to: Usher 2020 Foundation, P.O. Box 7342, Atlanta, Georgia 30357.
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Step #2:
We need your voice. Contact us to become a part of the community that will bring an end to blindness for those with Usher Syndrome.
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Step #3:
Help us spread the word. Challenge others on social media to Give It Up 4 Sight and tag us @usher_2020 (Instagram & Twitter) & @usher2020foundation (Facebook).
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Usher 2020 Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations made to Usher 2020 Foundation are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.


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